D&I Audits and Analytics: A clear understanding of status quo, organization specific needs and challenges is the starting point for every successful D&I strategy. We can support you to gain the insights required to build a strategy and plan that really have an impact.

Strategic Consulting: A comprehensive strategy based on a clear business case that prioritizes those actions which will have the biggest impact is a prerequisite for change. Pull on our expertise to allow you to get moving fast.

D&I Solutions: Whether it is dedicated learning programs or individual interventions, process or policy design. Partner with us to build solutions that resonate in your organization.

Internal Communications: As with every change program, D&I needs strong communications to ensure organizational buy-in and engagement. Leverage deep content expertize in both D&I and communications to build a plan that speaks to people.

External Communications & Brand: Diversity and inclusion play and increasing role in how a company is perceived – by current and potential employees, by customers and consumers, as well as other stakeholders. Let us support you in fully leveraging D&I to create a great brand experience.

Speaking engagements: We regularly speak at companies and conferences addressing different target audiences to share learnings and trigger new thinking. Let‘s talk about current insights and how they matter to you.

Interim Management and extended workbench: There are many reasons why a company at times needs dedicated support. Contact us for interim D&I Leadership or to outsource individual projects.